Sienna X Spray Tan

Sienna X is an award winning spray tan solution, being one of the most popular spray tans on the market. One of my favourite tans I have used on clients with the best results. Sienna X have 5 different solutions to choose from, making there a spray tan to suit everyone. Crystal Beauty offer two Sienna X spray tans products, we have over night 8 hour solutions 8%, 10%, 12% & 16% or if you need a spray tan for the same day then Sienna X Tonight’s The Night solution is the spray tan for you, this will develop within 2 hours of application. Perfect for those last minute nights out.

sienna x spray tan gives that natural look that golden glow you are looking for. No orange streaky looking tans here. There is different percentages to choose from and the therapist will go over what she would recommend when you come in. Life is better with a tan. Let’s fake it until we make it. 

Full body £20
Half body  £15
Thursday special offer Full Body  £15

Crystal Beauty Before & After Spray Tanning Tips

Sienna X spray tan will last around 5 to 7 days, please read the below for before & after care. Please ensure that within 24 hours of your spray tan that you exfoliate, moisturise and wax/shave your body, paying more attention to dryer areas. This will make your tan last longer. Please bring loose dark clothing for after your spray tan and avoid water contact for at least 10 hours of your tan.
To get a gorgeous professional tan there are a few things you can do to help your therapist achieve a beautiful even glow and keep your colour for longer.
Shave at least 24 hours before your treatment or 48 hours if waxing. This time allows pores to close properly and stop tell-tale dotting that can appear after your tan application.
Once hair free, exfoliate 24 hours before to gently buff away dry skin. Removing dead skin cells and revealing radiant new skin will make your tan last longer. Exfoliating makes a big difference to both the results and the way it fades. Exfoliating gloves are ideal or body brushing.
Apply moisturiser to your skin the night before your tan, this will replace any moisture lost from removing hair and exfoliation and keep skin super smooth. Remember to pay particular attention to stubborn dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and ankles.
On the day of your tan application have shower and rinse off any products, oils, moisturisers and make-up, deodorant or perfume/aftershave. If they are not properly removed the spray tan can look streaky, blotchy unnatural, unevenly colored and not to the spray tans fullest looking potential.
Plan ahead before your appointment by wearing loose, dark clothing and flip-flops or loose fitting shoes. Tight clothes and underwear can leave marks and ruin your tan.
Do not exercise or swim during the development time.
If you’re not showering until the morning then wear loose gloves or socks in bed to prevent hands accidently touching your body during your sleep and leaving hand marks on your beautiful tan.
Do not shower or bath for the development period (at least 8 hours) after your tan, if you have opted for the over night solution.
Use a light body wash, the next day to cleanse in the shower/bath this is so it won’t strip your colour. Many shower gels have ingredients that’s can strip your tan on the first wash after your spray tan. We don’t want this to happen.
Pat dry after showering, do not rub yourself dry.