The Fluffy Brow

The Fluffy Brow is an eyebrow lamination treatment creating that fuller brow look everyone is wanting. A brand new brow treatment to hit Edinburgh. I am very excited to be offering this to my clients. I have trained with The brow Ateliers the founders of The Fluffy Brow to create the perfect brows to all my clients.


What is Fluffy Brows ?

It is a treatment that involves lamination to the eyebrow which creates a brow totally bespoke to each individual client. This treatment helps hairs that grow in all different patterns to all be flowing the same way to create that symmetry you might be struggling to get. Fuller thicker looking brows you have always wanted then this is the treatment for you.


Is this treatment for all brow types?

Yes, this treatment works great on all brow types. Especially thin brows you think might never have any hope, lamination is for you. Prior to the treatment i will do a consultation as each treatment is totally bespoke to each client depending on hair growth and eyebrow shape.

Anyone who is unhappy with their current eyebrow and is looking for more definition volume and to improve their current shape. Lamination will really make you love your brows again.

Alot of people who have tried other brow treatments and not noticed much of a difference this treatment is perfect for you. The Fluffy Brow will create volume definition and make the best of your current eyebrow.

Fluffy Brow information

This treatment will take between 30-45mins

This treatment lasts upto 6 weeks inbetween that time you can come for a brow tint and tidy if you like your brows looking fresh.

Maintenance on this treatment is low. It requires a brush in the morning and your brows are looking fresh full and fluffy

Patch test required 48 hours prior to treatment. No patch test, no appointment

This treatment is priced at £40